Pembrey Primary is an Outdoor Learning School. We endeavour to work outdoors as much as possible. All of the pupils experience Forest School activities which support many areas of the curriculum and children learn valuable skills through practical tasks. We always look for ways to develop our school grounds and are fortunate to have excellent outdoor facilities to promote our outdoor projects and the children's learning. We have been awarded with the Platinum Eco status for our efforts. We do pride ourselves by the fact that our children are encouraged to take pride for their environment, to re-cycle and to develop into global citizens.  The polytunnel which has been built on the school grounds enables our pupils to enjoy a first hand experience of nature at work as well as allowing them the opportunity of growing and harvesting their own fresh fruit and vegetables.



-Lost Words - Wood Carver.  All pupils from Key Stage 2 chose a lost word and sketched a picture of it.  Selected pupils from Years 4, 5, and 6 have been working with a carver and carved some of these lost words into a wooden table.

-Planting – Pupils, parents and members of the community planted in their raised beds around the school.  


-Lost Words Pebble Competition - Our school is taking part in The Lost Words Project, we are creating an outdoor area to promote the words that are being lost from the Oxford Junior Dictionary.  We asked pupils to choose a lost word and create a ‘Lost Word Pebble’ by drawing a picture of and writing the word chosen onto their pebble. All pebbles will be displayed in the Outdoor Area.  


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The 3 R’s –Reduce, Recycle, Re-use,