Spring Term 18-19

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

Pupils in the Junior classes enjoyed their trip to The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, where they became ‘real artists’, using their observational drawings to create their own individual art to tell a fictitious story.  They took inspration from the art aorund them and also were challenged to create a portrait of Glynn Vivian.








Year 2 enjoyed listening to Mrs. Davies, a friend of the school, who shared about how Pembrey has changed over the years. They generated lots of questions too in their groups. Diolch Mrs. Davies!


Sport update

Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed learning rugby skills with students from Coleg Sir Gar. 

We are super proud of our netball team who represented the school in the Llane

lli Schools’ netball tournament - da iawn pawb!

We are so proud of our two sporty young men: one, achieving a silver medal in the Urdd Swimming Gala - congratulations! The other, first place in the Llanelli 2K yesterday in under 8 minutes - arbennig!




We have had an assembly all about fairtrade this term, to learn a little bit more about how fairtrade helps farmers and children in poor countries- article 2: all children have rights no matter what! Diolch to our visitors from Llanelli Fairtrade.

Some of our Fairtrade committee had a lovely afternoon in Llanelly House with Fairtrade Llanelli, Nia Griffith MP, Lee Waters AM and the Mayor of Llanelli David Darkin. Thank you for our Fairtrade football!










Pottery shop

Year 2 had the privilege to visit Pembrey Pottery Shop, where Mr. and Mrs. Newing kindly demonstrated how to use the potters wheel.  Pupils created their own pots and creations with clay and painted these once dry.  

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Year 5 have been learnng about Lesotho this term.  They listened to traditional music from Lesotho and wore the Mokorotlo national hat. They used a desktop publisher to create information leaflets about Lesotho and used their creative skills to sketch a Lesotho landscape.  

Blwyddyn 2 celebrated Moshoeshoe day - a national holiday honoring King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho nation.  It is traditionally celebrated with singing, dancing, and athletic competitions. Year 2 made Basotho blankets, using symmetrical patterns as inspiration.  


Chinese New Year










KS2 and Fph pupils had a tai chi session to celebrate the Year of the Pig for Chinese New Year. Mr. Deng brought in ancient brushes and ‘magic paper’ to teach us how to write some Chinese characters. Mr. Edwards taught us about Chinese New Year, how they celebrate and why. We loved learning about the traditions and watching the lion dance.

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Internet Safety Day

Blwyddyn 1/2 used their private passwords to log in to HWB. They remembered to add a title so that they have the credit for their wonderful work!

Year 2 learnt that keyword searching is an effective way to find information on the internet. They used the safe search engine Swiggle to find facts about Botswana.

Blwyddyn 3 learnt all about staying safe and being respectful online.

Year Four created new cyber names and powerful passwords.












Technocamps Game Of Codes 2019 Coding Competition - Smart Cities

We were extremely proud of our pupils who entered and successfully advanced to the finals, of this year's Technocamps competition held in Cardiff.  The competition enabled interested pupils to develop their problem solving, communication and teamwork skills as well as improve their knowledge of computer programming in a fun and inventive way.  The challenge was to create a piece of software using Smart Cities as the theme. CruelCoders proudly accepted the prize for best collaboration! 


World Book Day

A great effort made by all and some amazing costumes! Thank you as always for all your efforts in celebrating the world of books! 

WB15 WB14 WB13
WB12 WB11 WB10
WB2 Wbwinner WB1


Sculptor Robert Jakes

A sculptor, Robert Jakes, is in school to develop pupils' creative skills. He is helping us create oak carvings for an Outdoor Literacy Zone, linked to the book 'The Lost Words'.  


Friendly rugby game

Some of our Junior boys had a great afternoon playing a friendly rugby match against our neighbours in Y Castell!


Poetry Patrol 

Congratulations to our year 2 pupils for having their poems published after entering the Young Writers Poetry Patrol competition. We’re proud of you all and cannot wait to read your poetry in the anthology. 



Safe Cycling

Blwyddyn 6 had a great time learning how to cycle safely this term. Article 29: you have the right to be the best that you can be!


Well-being week

All of the pupils and staff enjoyed our Well-being week.  It included a walking bus on Monday morning, tai chi with Mr Deng, Mindfulness with Miss Amelia, Superhero Autism lessons, Eco Day, e-safety lessons, NSPCC assembly, an assembly by Mrs Morgan about dental hygiene and a talk from the Samaritans, Fairtrade lessons and cycling in Pembrey country park.

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