Summer Term 17-18

What another busy and fun-filled term full of exciting learning opportunities, class trips, visitors and wonderful Summer events that we would love to share with you.  

Sports Day

Thank you to all of the parents for joining us on our Sports Day. The children made us proud once again, enjoying competing in races, shuttle race, relay and skipping. What determination and perseverance we saw! Congratulations to grwp glas for being the winning team!

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Wales in Bloom

Thank you to Mrs Evans, Mrs Mellar, Miss Turke, Mrs Mudge and of course the children for all of their hard work in maintaining the school grounds.  We were proud to show off our gardens and poly tunnel to the Wales in Bloom judge.  We will let you know the results as soon as we hear, but what a pretty sight our gardens look this time of year!


Carmarthenshire Outdoor School

We were delighted to be awarded Carmarthenshire Outdoor School. What an achievement!









Rotary Club

It was a pleasure to welcome members of the Rotary Club to show them the polytunnel they donated and built for us. We enjoyed showing and talking about what the gardening club has been growing, eating and selling.


Under 10s British Champion

Look at our top gymnast! Under 10s British Champion Grace Owen. Llongyfarchiadau Grace. Article 29: your right to be the best you can be



Côr Ysgol Penbre sang a medley of Welsh songs in The Carmarthenshire Welsh Strategic Plan launch. Diolch to Mrs J Davies for all of her hard work and to the choir, who sang beautifully as always. 

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Sporting opportunities 

Year 6 had great fun in Parc Stevens, Kidwelly this term. They took part in lots of different sporting activities to develop their skills. First, they took part in the athletics including shot put and long jump. Then, they played lawn bowls which was great. They had to score as many points as possible which all contributed to their total for the day. Next, they developed their tennis skills and had a multi player game which also contributed to their points total. Well done to the finalists from the athletic races!!

We also had pupils who volunteered to take part in the cross county race...a huge effort by all. Look at their medals! A great effort by all pupils who took part!

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 cricket team for an excellent performance in the tournament during the term too. 



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13 Cr Ashton
Netball Charlie R8
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Year 6 climb Pen-y-fan

Da iawn to all the year 6 pupils who showed perseverance and sometimes bravery, in order to climb to the summit of Pen Y Fan. You should be very proud of yourselves!




Blwyddyn 5 enjoyed their week in Pendine.

They took part in various activities such as abseiling, orienteering, surfing and many more adventurous activities. One of their learning friends Percy Perseverance came into practice in Pendine because, though some of the activities were daunting, they had to persevere to face their fears to find out how much fun each activity was. 

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