Young Ambassadors / Llysgenhadon Ifanc

Bronze Young Ambassadors

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 were selected to train as Bronze Young Ambassadors. This qualification means they have to promote a healthy school where fitness and a love of sport is fostered by these positive role models. Already they run activities on the Infant and Junior yard at break times and lunch times and now, in response to a Parent Questionnaire, they have just started an After School Sports Club for Years One and Two pupils! 

Activities as playtimes and lunchtime focus on getting the other pupils to have fun whilst being active. They also use it as an opportunity to get as many involved as possible. Don't be surprised if they try and get you to join in too! 

The Young Ambassadors take their roles very seriously and realise that, even though teachers are there to help, they have to be responsible too. The children have such fun taking part in this club, they get to play with their friends and realise that being sporty is all about enjoyment!